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15. Child's Wonder

The pre-logo for an education or charity brand. For example, an edtech startup, a kindergarten, or a creative school. Symbol fits for a brand name start from 'C' (Child, Creative, Charity) and 'W' (Wonder, World, Wild).

690€ · Order

690€ Sold Out

14. Seven Plus

The pre-logo for a sports brand: sportswear, equipment, infrastructure, or a team. Another option is a dynamic character brand, such as an edtech or an investment fintech startup. A brand name can include glyphs or words 'Plus' and 'Seven'.

890€ · Order

13. Vital Line

The pre-logo for a fashion brand or a single collection or a merch line. Symbol fits for a brand name started from letter 'V'. The word Line would add a second dimension to the brand name.

790€ · Order

12. Ama Zine

The pre-logo for a fun or self-mocking or just bold brand that name started from the letter 'A'. Also, identity fit for a children-centric brand. In this case, it's zine publishing.

990€ · Order

11. Dr1

The pre-logo for a drone developer or a drone based service. For example, an agritech startup using drones in farming.

1390€ · Order

10. SBAC

The pre-logo for a brutalistarchitecture exhibition or a conference or a museum. As well, a logo fit for a brutalist architecture bureau. Also, I work on a logo style typeface. The inspiration for letterforms was the famous concrete fence designed by Boris Lachman.

590€ · Order

9. Ambulance

The pre-logo for municipal or private ambulances or urgent care or services like that. Also, you have an option to place a 9 letters city name into the logo.

690€ · Order

8. Care Aim

The pre-logo for a health care institution or a medical equipment brand. Company name would be limited to words starting with 'C', 'A' and 'Q', or even all of them: for example, Queer Care Aim or Queen Care Aim.

790€ · Order

7. Lover

The pre-logo for a gift shop, sex shop, kinky party, or a VR software. Works best for names like Lover, Romeo and Love VR.

490€ · Order

6. Alt Dawn

The pre-logo for software, VR in particular. This logo is limited to name combinations Alt + Dawn, Daybreak and Sunrise. We are currently working on a typeface that would allow more flexibility in brand naming.

590€ · Order

5. Хplo

The pre-logo for a wide range of industries: science, tech, fashion, travel, HoReCa, education, publishing, gaming, co-working. This logo is so flexible because it illustrates your company's global approach and expansion, attributes of a modern brand.

1090€ · Order

4. Load Wear

The pre-logo for a fashion related brand. Nice for brand names starting with a 'W' and an 'L'. In this example, a startup offering custom wear.

790€ · Order

3. Icon

The pre-logo for night clubs, VR and game developers, or PR agencies. Will perfectly house short names like Icon, Halo, St. Tech, etc.

490€ · Order

2. Katt Hus

The pre-logo for anything cat or kangaroo related, e.g. cat food or a pet shelter. Without dots, it's a nice one for companies with 'K' and 'H' in the name.

590€ · Order

1. Play Module

The pre-logo a toy store, game app, cube set, or something fun.

590€ · Order

Don’t see a perfect pre-logo for your brand? Shoot us a note, around 10 ideas are always in progress and we’d be happy to share.

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To ensure predictable quality, we tend to customize as little as possible. This includes colors, typefaces, visual compositions, but not the symbols.

Your final logo colors and typefaces can be altered to fit your brief better, please let us know of any preferences via the order form.

Typefaces could be changed if your brand name is too long or short for the chosen pre-logo. Please note all pre-logos are based on readymade typefaces only and full wordmark customization is not available.

If you’d need an alternative logo composition (e.g. horizontal variant for your website header), please mention your preferences on the order form.

We’ll send you an invoice and some further questions on your business and brand.

As soon as all questions and payment are settled, you’ll get a confirmation email. Your logo will be ready and mailed to you in 3 workdays after this confirmation.

All packages include:

  1. Logo file in SVG and EPS.
  2. Icons and cover images for Twitter and Facebook in PNG.
  3. Example layouts using this logo in JPG.
  4. Information on recommended colors and typefaces.
  5. A license agreement.

Each logo is only sold to just one client, meaning you get full exclusive rights.

If you don’t need your purchased logo anymore, you can always transfer the rights back to us (see below).

Yes, you can return your logo rights within one year and get a 50% guaranteed refund. In this case, this pre-logo will end up back on public sale.

Created by Kirill Belyaev, a multidisciplinary art director currently based in Latvia.

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